Shin Ultraman Finally Announces Release Date

It has taken some time to figure out, but a release window has been secured for the next Ultraman movie. The franchise announced it was working with writer Hideaki Anno to create a new vision for Ultraman, and it seems the creative team has locked onto a target. After all, a new report has revealed the official release window for the Shin Ultraman movie.

According to a post from Studio Khara, Shin Ultraman will be shared with the world next summer. Anno penned the script for the ambitious feature while Shinji Higuchi will direct. Katsuro Onoue will act as assistant director on the film.

Shin Ultraman

The announcement gave fans a much-needed update, and they are ready to support the Tokusatsu hero with all their might. The team behind Shin Ultraman even helped hype fans further by sharing a scale model depicting Ultraman's new design. The two-meter tall status shows off the hero in all his suited glory, and his red-and-silver suit is impossible to mistakes.

Asides from this release window update, little is known about Shin Ultraman. Takumi Saitou has been cast to play the titular hero, and Masami Nagasawa will play the hero's partner. A slew of other actors have been attached to the film such as Hidetoshi Nishijima, Tetsushi Tanaka, Akari Hayami, Toshihiro Wada, Kyusaku Shimada, and more.


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