Shonen Jump Delays Several Manga Volumes Amidst Pandemic

The manga publication of Shonen Jump has introduced some of the biggest anime franchises to the [...]

The manga publication of Shonen Jump has introduced some of the biggest anime franchises to the world such as My Hero Academia, One Piece, Dragon Ball, and almost too many others to count, but it seems as if some examples of these properties will be delayed in the face of the coronavirus pandemic. With the anime industry seeing its fair share of delays and cancellations with the pandemic that is causing numerous people around the world to self-quarantine, it's understandable that more than a fair share of your favorite stories will have to step back from their usual release schedules!

My Hero Academia and One Piece are having two of their biggest story lines taking place right now, with the heroes of UA Academy battling against over 100,000 villains in the Paranormal Liberation Front and the crew of the Straw Hat Pirates taking on their fair share of antagonists within the Wano Country Arc, as they battle against the Beast Pirates and the forces of Kaido and Orochi. While these two manga are neck deep in their biggest arcs, The Promised Neverland is moving toward its end game as the series moves closer to its finale! The anime for both One Piece and The Promised Neverland have also been delayed as a result of the pandemic to boot.

Twitter User WSJ_Manga shared the changes for several of these different manga properties, with the stories of these popular anime franchises being pushed back for around a month each, leaving fans having to wait a little longer to continue the journeys of these characters:

The coronavirus hasn't only canceled and delayed a number of anime series, it has also canceled some big anime events such as Anime Japan and Otakon to name a few. While these delays can certainly be a bummer, the need for them is also understandable and we hope that all the creative minds continue to stay safe in the anime industry.

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