Spy x Family Episode 6 Arrives Online: Watch Now

Spy x Family has certainly hit the ground floor running, with the first five episodes of the anime adaptation seeing the introduction of Loid, Yor, and Anya as the trio forms a new family that is hiding secrets from one another. With episode five seeing Anya gaining acceptance into Eden College, the next major step of Twilight's plan has come to fruition as Loid attempts to maintain the peace between two warring nations. Now, the sixth episode has arrived online, continuing the story of a master spy, a world-class assassin, and a telepath.   

Spy x Family is an anime series that is a collaboration between two major anime studios, with CloverWorks and Wit partnering to tell the animated tale of the Forgers. CloverWorks is most well-known for its previous work on the likes of The Promised Neverland and Fairy Tail, while Wit is most assuredly best known for the likes of Ranking of Kings and the first three seasons of Attack on Titan. From the six episodes that are now available, it's clear that the two studios have certainly managed to find the sweet spot when it comes to working together to tell the tale of this family that is hiding more than a few secrets from one another.

The Official Twitter Account for Spy x Family shared the news of the sixth episode's arrival, sharing some images from the latest installment that sees Anya attempting to make friends at the prestigious academy which is a lynchpin for the mission that her father, the master spy Twilight, is trying to pull off successfully:

The official description for the sixth episode of Spy x Family reads as such from Crunchyroll:

"Anya's uniform is finished. Loid has to go to a WISE strategy meeting, so he has Yor pick up the uniform as he heads to the safe house. At the meeting, he finds out that Anya will have to receive 8 Stellar Stars and become an Imperial Scholar at Eden College in order for him to successfully complete Operation Strix. Meanwhile, Anya is very excited about getting her new uniform. But there are always criminals on the lookout for wealthy students from Eden College and Anya gets targeted by a group of hoodlums."

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