Studio Ghibli Is Being Flooded With Job Applications For Miyazaki's New Movie

Earlier this year fans were elated to hear the news that Hayao Miyazaki was coming out of retirement and reopening Studio Ghibli. But the news wasn't just exciting for fans. The return of Studio Ghibli also came with a job listing and the legendary animation studio has been flooded with applications.

Anime News Network reports that the "Nonaka-kun Hatsu Ghibli Dayori" blog on the studio's official website revealed that they have received far more applications than ever before from hopefuls wanting to work on Miyazaki's new feature film project. In addition to the overall number of applications being greater than normal there were more overseas applicants than ever before.

So many people applied for positions as in-between animators and background artists that production staff from Studio Ghibli offices had to assist in the screening process.

With initial screening over, selected applicants will be asked to take a practical exam this month. Those hired will start the in October and undergo six months of training. The new hires will be given three-year contracts to work at the Koganei building in Tokyo and will be paid about $1,800 per month in addition to the cost of travel to work.


As for what specifically the new employees will be working on, no official details have been released about what may be Miyazaki's final film. However, many are speculating that the project could be a full feature film adaptation of the animated short Boro the Caterpillar.

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