Studio Ghibli Theme Park Unveils First Concept Art

Studio Ghibli remains one of the best animation brands in the industry, and it plans on expanding its domain pretty soon. With director Hayao Miyazaki out of retirement, the studio is hard at work on a new film, and its executives are planning an entire theme park based on its filmography. Now, fans can get an early look at the park thanks to some concept art, and it is all sorts of whimsical.

Over on Twitter, Aichi governor Hideaki Omura hit up fans to share new details about the park. A recent press event in Japan confirmed the Studio Ghibli destination will be eyeing a 2022 opening, and Omura went a step further by sharing concept artwork of its areas.

As you can see below, one of the first pieces shared by Omura is of an antique store first shown in Whisper of the Heart. The replica will be located on the park's Youth Hill Area and sell actual antiques centered around Studio Ghibli.

Continuing, more areas of the park were revealed including the Ghibli Large Warehouse Area. This colorful section houses plenty of foliage as well as buildings, but Studio Ghibli has yet to comment on what these sets will house.

In true Miyazaki style, the theme park will also have dedicated forests like the Dondoko Forest Area. It will pair with the Mononoke's Village Area. These nature-driven areas tie in with the environmental themes often found in Miyazaki's film, and it will keep the Studio Ghibli theme park on brand to say the least.

Other areas shown off by Omura include the Witches' Valley Area. You can find all of the artwork on the governor's Twitter, and fans are eager to see how the park will continue evolving as its release draws nearer. With a 2022 opening in mind, this Studio Ghibli attraction is already drawing eyes around the world, and fans are ready to see what else about the park will surprise them.

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