Dragon Ball Heroes Explains Revived Zamasu's New Zero Mortals Plan

The recent episode of Dragon Ball Heroes has revealed the villainous Hearts in his strongest form. Having achieved the "Godslayer" transformation thanks to the Universe Seed, Hearts seems to be a threat that may be unbeatable. With Hearts no longer needing allies, his "friend" Zamasu discusses just why he allied with the number one antagonist of the series, what he was hoping to achieve, and how his modus operandi has differed since being resurrected as part of the villain stables that is a part of Super Dragon Ball Heroes!

Zamasu, as you may remember, was originally destroyed during the "Goku Black" arc, wherein the team of Goku, Vegeta, and Future Trunks managed to defeat the merged villain who combined the power of the rogue Kaioshin with that of the dark version of Goku. In an attempt to destroy humanity for the "betterment" of the universe, Zamasu attempted to pull off his "humanity extermination plan" but failed when he was erased from existence by the overwhelming power of the strongest being in the universe, Zeno.

When Zamasu returned with some battle damage in Super Dragon Ball Heroes, Trunks questioned just why he had aligned with Hearts, with the villain happy to oblige the young hybrid with answers. Zamasu's plan to eliminate all mortals hasn't changed, and is aligning himself with Hearts in order to destroy the higher gods who may hamper his ultimate goal.

Of course, things don't exactly go Zamasu's way as Hearts decides that his usefulness has come to an end and completely disintegrates his body into nothingness. Even with Zamasu's immortality, it would seem that he won't be returning any time soon, having completely disappeared as a result of Hearts' new power.

With Goku and the other Z Fighters being joined by the likes of Jiren and Hit to attempt to bring down Hearts, will even their combined power be enough to bring down Hearts in his Godslayer form? Certainly, Goku could use another Ultra Instinct transformation right now!


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