The Seven Deadly Sins' New Anime Rumored to Debut This Year

The Seven Deadly Sins has been a favorite anime for shonen fans for awhile now, but the series can't go on forever. With the manga's close upon us, the story weaved around Meliodas and his friends will wrap on page soon, and that means the anime is next to go. And according to a recent rumor, it seems like the final season could debut before we all expected.

Recently, the rumor went live on Twitter by the user SDS_BoarHat (via Reddit). The page is a go-to for fans of The Seven Deadly Sins thanks to its translations, so netizens were taken aback when the profile said the anime will drop its final season this fall.

"Season 4 of the anime is announced for October (For Japan). It will in principle be the last and will cover the end of the [The Seven Deadly Sins] manga," the fan shared.

So far, fans haven't gotten an official announcement for the debut, but the schedule does line up. The Seven Deadly Sins is not one to wait around, and J.C. Staff has streamlined the series ever since it took over the anime from A-1 Pictures.


Of course, fans are curious whether this 2020 release will help or hurt The Seven Deadly Sins. The show's most recent season was critiqued time and again for its sloppy animation. From its pacing to its artwork, season three was a travesty to diehard fans, but this new season could redeem our heroes before the curtain call comes down. And if it doesn't turn things around, you can bet fans will make their complaints heard.

Do you think The Seven Deadly Sins will truck towards its final season this year? Or take a gap year ahead of its finale? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB to talk all things comics and anime!