Fans React to The Final Trailer For 'Tokyo Ghoul :re'

The trailer for season 2 of Tokyo Ghoul :re is here, but fans are showing mixed reactions to the [...]

The trailer for season 2 of Tokyo Ghoul :re is here, but fans are showing mixed reactions to the big comeback.

The 15-second teaser went up online on Thursday, starting on the show's official website. It makes some big promises, calling the new season the conclusion to "the story surrounding Ken Kaneki." It also refers to the upcoming episodes as the "final chapter," according to translations by Anime News Network.

While it does sound dramatic, not all fans are eager for this big conclusion, and not just because they want their favorite show to stay on the air. On the Reddit discussion thread, fans grumbled that the show was trying to force too much story into too small of a space, condensing hundreds of pages of manga into an adaptation of just a few short episodes of anime.

So far, Tokyo Ghoul :re has caught up to roughly the same place in the story as chapter 58 of the corresponding manga. That means that the 12-episode season which aired from April to June covered under 60 chapters, while the next one will have to handle about 121.

There is still no official word on how many episodes season 2 will be comprised of. Fans online have argued that it cannot possibly adapt the "final chapter" in just 12 episodes, and the studio must be planning on at least 24. Others feel that even this would not be enough to do the story justice.

"So this basically confirms [they're] shoving 122 chapters of content into one season," one fan wrote. "This anime is an abomination heading into an iceberg which makes me depressed."

"Season 1 of the first series covered around 60 chapters, and they just gave up in season 2," another argued. "The first season of :re covered again around 60 chapters and was extremely rushed in the beginning and while got better later on lacked in animation heavily and still skipped out on details. This is already terrible and below the standard of acceptable for pretty much any other anime studio... Even if it is 24 episodes, That's still 62 chapters per cour, which is just as bad as the previous seasons."

Still, for many fans the anime adaptation will be their first interaction with the story, so their feelings will ultimately decide the show's fate.

For those that do not follow, Tokyo Ghoul is a dark fantasy set in a world where humans live alongside ghouls -- human-like creatures with enhanced strength and senses that need to eat human flesh to survive. It follows a young man named Ken Kaneki who is surgically turned into a half-ghoul in order to save his life. His attempts to adapt to and maneuver his new life lead him down a gruesome and winding path.

The new season of Tokyo Ghoul :re is expected in October, just as the next volume of the acclaimed manga will reach shelves in North America.