Toonami Plans to Air Through 2023

Toonami is one off those thing anime fans cannot forget. If you grew up on Cartoon Network during the 1990s, the program block will be familiar too you. The event made it easier than ever to watch shows like Dragon Ball Z and Sailor Moon which helped give anime a stronger foothold with U.S. audiences. And thanks to a new chat, fans have learned Toonami has zero plans to go anywhere that isn't your TV set soon.

Recently, fans got a status update on Toonami when a new episode of Pre-Flight went live. The lengthy video features both Jason DeMarco and Gill Austin chatting about the late-night anime block. It was there DeMaro answered a fan's question about ending Toonami abruptly, but the exec reassured fans Toonami has plans in the work which will keep it busy through 2023 at the minimum.

"We have no indication that anything bad is going to happen to Toonami in the near future. We have six shows in development all the way through 2023," her said, teasing some of the program's long term schedules.

Toonami 2020 TOM 6
(Photo: Adult Swim)

"So hopefully that helps people understand that Adult Swim is longterm committed to Toonami and seems the value of Toonami even if we are shorter now than we were before. We have no indication we are going anywhere."

The fear of losing Toonami may seem a bit extreme to new fans, but the late-night block has some heralded history behind it. Back in 2008, Adult Swim pulled Toonaami from its release calendar which did not go over well with fans. Now, it seems like DeMaraco is keeping busy with some original titles which will git our blood pumping before long.


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