Toonami Exec Opens Up About Its Big Expansion And Popularity

When it comes to watching anime, there are more ways to tune in that ever before. The medium has [...]

When it comes to watching anime, there are more ways to tune in that ever before. The medium has grown leaps thanks to its streaming services, but its TV ties are also important to note. These days, anime is growing on cable, and the man behind Toonami is opening up about that shift.

Over on Ask FM, Jason DeMarco addressed the recent growth of Toonami. The block is one of Adult Swim's late programs on Saturdays, and it has expanded plenty in the last year. However, that kind of growth is still hard to believe in DeMarco's case.

When asked about Toonami's resurgence, the co-creator and producer said he is as surprised as anyone else by the program's turnaround.

"Yep I'm as surprised by the recent turn of events as you are," DeMarco said.

"I'll just say that the network has long range plans for Toonami and ratings are only one factor by which it's success will be measured."

This comment comes shortly after the latest change was made to Toonami. Last week, fans learned the late-night block was expanding to begin at 10:00 p.m. EST rather than 10:30. My Hero Academia will lead the line-up before Dragon Ball Super takes over. Other titles like Attack on Titan, Pop Team Epic, Hunter x Hunter, and more are also taking part in the new line-up.

Given anime's very public rise in popularity, the move to expand Toonami proves the mainstream movement of the medium. Dragon Ball Super airs every weekday on Adult Swim now, further cementing anime's return. So, fingers crossed Cartoon Network will lean back into its anime ties should ratings hold steady.

So, will you be tuning into Toonami regularly now?Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB to talk all things comics and anime! You can check out Toonami's new lineup beginning on August 17 below:

  1. 10:00p - My Hero Academia
  2. 10:30p - Dragon Ball Super
  3. 11:00p - Attack on Titan
  4. 11:30p - FLCL: Progressive
  5. 12:00a - Pop Team Epic
  6. 12:30a - JoJo Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable
  7. 1:00a - Hunter x Hunter
  8. 1:30a - Black Clover
  9. 2:00a - Naruto: Shippuden
  10. 2:30a - One-Punch Man
  11. 3:00a - Lupin the 3rd
  12. 3:30a - Cowboy Bebop