Transformers: War For Cybertron Siege's Ending Explained

Netflix's Transformers: War For Cybertron Trilogy kicked off in epic fashion this weekend, and after six episodes the status quo has been shaken up in a huge way for the Autobots and Decepticons. When things come to a conclusion in episode six, all of our favorite characters are at very different places, and while we have to wait a while to see what happens in the next chapter, we're here to break down everything that went down in that epic ending and where it leaves our favorite characters heading into the next chapter. Obviously spoilers incoming for Transformers: War For Cybertron Siege, so if you haven't finished the series you've been warned.

So in the climactic final battle, the Autobots are severely outnumbered, but they aren't letting that deter them from getting the All Spark off of Cybertron and away from Megatron's hands. As the Autobots ship hovers at the ready to head through the space bridge, Megatron attempts to cut off Optimus Prime from making it to the ship with the All Spark. He succeeds for a bit, but thanks to Bumblebee Optimus gets his hands back on the artifact.

Megatron is still hanging on though and commands his forces to take out Optimus and Bumblebee before they can make it back to the ship. Things look grim but that's when Omega Supreme rises through the ground and finally picks a side, helping the Autobots. He halts the Decepticon forces and sends Megatron reeling, allowing Optimus and Bumblebee to get to the ship.

(Photo: Netflix)

Everyone is boarding the ship, but Elita-1 tells Optimus that as much as it hurts her she can't leave Cybertron, as there has to be someone here to make sure Megatron falls and doesn't conquer their planet. She tells Optimus that he has his mission, and that now she has hers, and tells him to go.

The ark takes off towards the portal as Omega Supreme wards off any who come close to the portal or the ship. Megatron can only watch as the ark heads through with the All Spark, and once the ship clears the portal the area is cloaked in white, followed by the appearance of a clear sky. The space bridge seems to be destroyed, and Elita-1 and the Autobots that remain have to wonder if they made it through.

(Photo: Netflix)

Elita-1 vows to stop Megatron, and that's when an injured Jetfire tells them they won't have to do it alone.


Things fade to black and then it seems we see the ark, hearing a beeping sound as it makes its way through the vast darkness of space. The silence is broken when an alarm on the ship starts going off, saying there is an unknown vessel approaching, and that's where it ends.

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