TWRP's Anime-Inspired Music Video for "Starlight Brigade" Is a Visual Feast

Canadian band TWRP (Tupper Ware Remix Party) has released a new music video for their song "Starlight Brigade" that is, quite frankly, an incredible watch. The song features Dan Avidan of Game Grumps fame, and the song is good, but arguably its real power lies in the stunningly animated music video itself.

You can check out the music video above, which takes a page out of the anime playbook a la Daft Punk's Interstella 5555 to create what is essentially a full narrative arc based on the defeat of an evil group that's stolen the stars. Fans of space-based anime or even, say, Voltron will almost certainly find something to love here.

The music video for "Starlight Brigade" was created by Knights of the Light Table, an international team led by Patrick Stannard, who is credited as producer on the music video. India Swift is credited as director, Michael Doig is credited as art director, Elle Power served as lead animator as well as a character and ship designer, and Noitibmar is credited as lead FX animator as well as a character and ship designer. If you're not already convinced at the video's anime inspiration, the "special thanks" portion of the video's description includes Hayao Miyazaki and Moebius.


The song "Starlight Brigade" is, itself, from the band's album Together Through Time, which is available via the band's website. Avidan provided the vocals and lyrics for the song, with TWRP providing the rest.

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