Here's What Ultra Instinct Vegeta Could've Looked Like in 'Dragon Ball Z'

Fans were drawn to the incredible design and style of Ultra Instinct form in Dragon Ball Super, [...]

Fans were drawn to the incredible design and style of Ultra Instinct form in Dragon Ball Super, but they can't help but wonder what the transformation would have looked like if it showed up in the series before.

One piece of fan art not only imagines what the Ultra Instinct form would like in Dragon Ball Z, but goes as far to imagine what it would look like if Vegeta successfully attained the transformation.

Reddit user EdricSnowbeard uploaded a piece featuring Vegeta's old-school rounded edge design and old armor, and fans are still overjoyed at this throwback design:

[OC] Drew Vegeta UI in Early Dragon Ball Style. from dbz

Assuming Vegeta's Ultra Instinct form would look the same as Goku's, the state is almost unrecognizable in Dragon Ball Z's style. The older art style had less hard edges, and the rounded character design often has less detail but made up for it with smoother animation.

EdricSnowbeard later uploaded an updated version of the image with a few more effects to enhance the aura around Vegeta, and it's even more impressive than before. With this image, and the image EdricSnowbeard uploaded of an old-school style Ultra Instinct Goku, fans are clamoring for this early Toriyama style to return.

There are many theories as to whether or not Vegeta will attain Ultra Instinct at all. Vegeta even attempted to reach the state by clearing his mind in the last episode of Dragon Ball Super, but his aggressive style and pride just would not allow him to sit back in a fight.

There are other theories at play stating that if Vegeta were to reach Ultra Instinct during the Tournament of Power, that his would even be more attack oriented to balance out Goku's more defense oriented. Regardless, fans are anxious to see whether or not Vegeta can do it within the Tournament of Power's final 15 minutes.

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