Violet Evergarden Gaiden Shares New Poster Confirming Original Release Date

Kyoto Animation was recently the victim of a terrible arson that resulted in the loss of many casualties, and fans have showered the prolific studio in support. Many fans expected for Kyoto Animation's upcoming releases to be delayed in the wake of this tragedy, and while there have been some delays of a few special events, many other projects from the studio will be releasing as scheduled.

One of such releases is the Violet Evergarden side-story film, which has released a new poster to its official Twitter account that also confirmed that it will be releasing into theaters in Japan this September as previously planned.

After announcing they will not delay the film's upcoming world premiere, Kyoto Animation confirmed Violet Evergarden Gaiden: Eternity and the Auto Memories Doll will be opening in theaters in Japan on September 6. Originally slated to screen for two weeks in theaters, the release of the new film has been extended to three weeks and will run from September 6th through September 26th.

This new film is a supplemental story to the first season of the anime series, and while not much is known about the release outside of this new poster it has been revealed that Minori Chihara will perform the opening theme, "Amy." This won't be the only new project coming from the Violet Evergarden anime franchise either as Violet Evergarden the Movie is currently slated for a release in January 2020.


This sequel film project will take place years after the events of the war and feature Taichi Ishidate returning from the series to direct.. Other returning staff members include Reiko Yoshida as scriptwriter, Akiko Takase as character designer and chief animation director, and Evan Call as composer.

If you wanted to check out the series for yourself, you can currently stream Violet Evergarden's 13 episode run on Netflix. For those unfamiliar the series, it tells the story of Violet, a girl who was used as a human weapon in a war that ended not long ago. Working in a post office to recover, Violet learns about new tech called Auto Memory Dolls. The special items help convert thoughts and even memories into words. After being told something strange during the war, Violet hopes to discover the words' true meaning through the Auto Memory Dolls, leading the heroine on a rather unexpected journey.