Wonder Woman Gets Anime Makeover for Stunning New Statue

Wonder Woman is a hero who needs little introduction. The icon stands as one of the core heroes in the DC Universe, and she continues to command a presence wherever she goes. From comics to film, Diana cannot be stopped, and one beloved anime creator knows that well. That is why Humikane Shimada chose to honor the heroine with a shojo makeover, and it turns out the design is being turned into an action figure.

The news comes from Anime News Network as the site shares the announcement with fans. Shimada, who is best know for working on Strikes Witches as well as Girls und Panzer, did up this design to celebrate Wonder Woman. It was then decided the shojo-centric design will be turned into a statue.

You can see the statue below with all of its articulated joints. The figure features a lovely combination of red and blue with accents of gold as they make up Diana's costume. Complete with her Lasso of Truth, Wonder Woman looks as dangerous here as she ever has.

wonder woman figure
(Photo: Anime News Network)

This special figure is said to stand at 16 cm tall, and it comes with interchangeable faceplates. There is one that looks straight ahead while the others shift her eyes or make her shout. Aside from the Lasso of Truth, this figure will come with a sword, shield, and a slew of armor pieces. It will be sold for about $55 USD in Japan, but there is no word on whether a U.S. retailer will import the item.

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