X-Men Anime Series Starts Streaming on Youtube

While the most famous version of Marvel's mighty mutants to hit television screens was the [...]

While the most famous version of Marvel's mighty mutants to hit television screens was the animated series released on the Fox Network in the '90s, it was far from the last time that we saw Professor X's favorite students hit the small screen. Shockingly, the X-Men received an anime series alongside the likes of Wolverine, Blade, and Iron Man, which gave the mutants a major makeover and the entirety of this twelve episode series is now available to stream on Youtube, offering a brand new side of Wolverine, Cyclops, Beast, Storm, Emma Frost, and more members of the Xavier Institute.

Debuting in 2011, the series began with the X-Men having to kill Jean Grey due to her being possessed by the Phoenix Force, while also battling against the Hellfire Club and incorporating a new member into their ranks via Armor. While this anime series never received new episodes following the twelve that had dropped in 2011, it gave fans a brand new take on one of Marvel's most popular teams and uniting the comic book publishers with the medium of anime once again.

X-Men Anime
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The official description for the X-Men anime series reads as such:

"When a mutant high school student named Hisako Ichiki goes missing in Northern Japan, her parents ask Professor Xavier for his help. Sensing that Hisako's disappearance is of great importance to mutant-kind, Professor X gathers his X-Men together. However, due to the loss of his lover, Jean, Cyclops, the leader of the X-Men, refuses to return."

While Marvel doesn't have any new anime series in the works at present, the comic publishers are currently making their way into the world of manga, with their recent outing, Deadpool Samurai, seeing everyone's favorite Merc With A Mouth teaming up with My Hero Academia's All Might in a surprising twist.

With Disney+ currently airing the animated series of What If?, which documents events in the Marvel Cinematic Universe that never took place, Disney has promised that this is far from the last time that they are planning to bring the world of the Avengers into the world of animation.

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