You Can Get 'Black Clover's First Chapter For Free Now

This week marked the premiere of the first episode of Black Clover's anime, with the manga’s [...]

This week marked the premiere of the first episode of Black Clover's anime, with the manga's fans flocking in to watch Asta on their screens for the first time. With that said, Viz Media has now officially released a video where fans can watch and read the first manga chapter of the series for free on Twitter.

The anime that made its debut this week has been produced by Pierrot Studios, who is the same production company that brought anime fans Naruto, Boruto and Bleach. Originally the story was published on Weekly Shonen Jump, with the story being about a young boy named Asta, who is born with no magical powers. Being born without magical powers is something almost unheard of in this world, however, it doesn't change his ambitions to be the Wizard Emperor.

Asta, along with his friend Yuno were raised together in an orphanage in the Clover Kingdom, with Yuno being a magical prodigy. Although, Asta doesn't quit and reminds Yuno that he is his rival, despite him not having any magical affiliation. However, Asta does receive a power eventually, a power called Anit-Magic and trains hard to become the most powerful wizard.

Since Black Clover's manga series began in 2015 the franchise has developed an enormous following. Tatsuya Yshihara is directing the anime along with Kazuyuki Fudeyasu, who is overseeing its composition. Meanwhile, Itsuko Takeda and Kumiko Tokunaga are also acting as the character designers. The franchise is said to be quite similar to One Piece and Fairy Tail, however, after watching one episode you can easily see the similarity with Naruto as well.

(Photo: Pierrot Studios)

This was one of the most highly anticipated new anime's of 2017, with Tabata's Black Clover currently having nine volumes already, with more than 80 issues released to its name. That means if you are unfamiliar with the series you have plenty of time to check out the manga, as the anime is only one episode in.