Inhuman #3 First Look: A Queen Rises

Marvel Comics has released a first look at Inhuman #3, from writer Charles Soule and artist Joe Madureira.

The issue sees Medua, Queen of the Inhumans, fighting to determine the fate of her people:

This July, the Inhuman Queen fights for the future of her people in INHUMAN #3 – the next blockbuster chapter in the expanding saga of Marvel’s strangest superpowered beings! From rising star writer Charles Soule and blockbuster artist Joe Madureira, the first arc of the pulse-pounding new series reaches its climax as Medusa and Lash come to Earth-shattering blows over the future of their race! New Inhumans are emerging across the globe, manifesting strange and terrifying powers as the Terrigen Mists engulfing the planet. As a new Inhuman named Flint emerges from his cocoon, he’ll witness his world crumble before his very eyes. Will he stand with Medusa, or side with Lash? Plus – don’t miss the secret history of a new, ancient tribe of Inhumans as they cope with being thrust into the spotlight for the very first time! No fan can afford to miss the game-changing climax to the first arc this June in INHUMAN #3!

Inhuman #3 goes on sale in August.

INHUMAN #3 (APR140686)
Art & Cover by JOE MADURIERA (APR140687)
Variant Cover by ED MCGUINNESS
FOC – 07/21/14 On-Sale – 08/13/14