"24" Movie Back On The Cards Again

It might have seemed likely that the recent Live Another Day miniseries, would finally sap the last energy out of any 24 movie, but according to TV Line, quite the opposite is true.

According to their sources, Imagine Entertainment are now "kicking around a new feature idea" for a big-screen 24 spin-off. That's clearly a very early stage of development, but today, films can get release dates before they even have plot premises let alone scripts so 20th Century Fox could very easily choose to pull the trigger on this at any time.

Meanwhile, Fox are keen on another miniseries. So could we be headed for some kind of transmedia mashup of big and small screen, tying the movie to the TV series? Well, who knows. It seems like a long shot but Disney are trying something similar with Marvel and, in an even more concerted fashion, Star Wars.

There's been much talk of The Dark Tower and the Terminator reboot spanning both cinema and television too, though Dark Tower is on hold completely and the Terminator TV series is, to put it politely, "still pending."

Movie-TV mashups are coming, though. It's an inevitable part of the rise of the small screen and the tempering of the large, and I can't think of anybody better or more likely than Jack Bauer to spearhead such a project for Fox. Well, not unless Simon Kinberg's loose chat about a TV series set in the Fox's superhero universe is actually going to come to something.