'Go Go Power Rangers' #17 Review: A Monumental Issue That Never Loses Sight of the Small Things

Go Go Power Rangers has been a constant bright spot on new comic book day, but this week's issue hits that high bar and then some.

There's quite a bit to cover in this week's Go Go Power Rangers, but one of the series' highlights has been how writer Ryan Parrott builds the more epic stories around the central thesis that these are in fact teenagers, and never loses sight of that core premise. As a result, we get many developments not only in the Green Ranger saga, but also regarding Rita Repulsa's mysterious history while still seeing movement in the Ranger's personal lives.

It would be easy to let the grandness of the adventures take precedence over the more personal stories, but thankfully that's not the case here. Kimberly, Zack, Jason, Trini, and Billy all see some sort of forward progress in their characters, from Kimberly's attempts at dealing with her newly divorced parents to Zack's admittance that his life has become perhaps too overwhelming, a revelation that illustrates perfectly just how taxing this life is on a human being. Trini and Jason's burgeoning relationship is also featured in one of the book's more delightful sequences, as it's a growing relationship that has felt organic at every step of the way. Granted, we would love to see more of them together, but always leave them wanting more right?

(Photo: BOOM! Studios)

This is also probably artist Elenora Carlini's strongest issue to date. Each of the Ranger's looks have come into their own over the past few issues, and now she's truly flexing her muscles in the action sequences. Carlini has found her own version of the Ranger's see-through helmets that allows for maximum expression while still keeping the iconic helmets intact, and her Rangers move with fluidity and style. Kimberly's flurry of motion as she takes aim with her Power Bow, Trini's backwards kick, and Jason's slash attack are treats for the eyes, not to mention that killer "It's Morphin Time" splash that should definitely make its way onto a poster.

(Photo: BOOM! Studios)

The book also includes some big seeds for future stories and for longtime fans. Even in the first few pages, fans will see some ties to Mighty Morphin lore, but there are also small hints at Rita's change from child of hope to the world-dominating empress we all know. Parrott and Carlini operate so smoothly as a team in this regard, epitomized by one scene in particular. On page 18 there's a small crack in the steely facade, as Squatt asks her what she's looking for. The typical confident glare becomes a questioning and perhaps even regretful one. The moment only lasts one panel, but that doesn't diminish how powerful a small moment like that can be in the definition of a character.

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Throw in Alpha-1's brilliant debut and one heck of a cliffhanger, and fans are definitely going to get their money's worth.

Go Go Power Rangers #17 never forgets who its stars are, and somehow also manages to build stakes, explore lore, and reveal hidden layers to characters at the same time without dropping the ball. Seriously, if you're a Power Rangers fan, there's simply no reason you shouldn't be reading this.

Published by BOOM! Studios

On February 13, 2019

Written by Ryan Parrott

Art by Eleonora Carlini


Colors by Raul Angulo

Letters by Ed Dukeshire