AfterShock's We Live Launches New Arc in Era of the Palladions

Those who read AfterShock Comics' stellar series We Live were introduced to a science fiction [...]

Those who read AfterShock Comics' stellar series We Live were introduced to a science fiction roller coaster ride unlike anything else in comics, and that final issue delivered not just a thrilling climax but also an unexpected launching pad for new stories and concepts, and the Miranda Brothers couldn't be more thrilled to take the series into its next arc. The next series will be titled We Live: Era of the Palladions, and will kick off later this year, though you can get an idea of what's in store from the teaser below and from the Miranda Brothers.

Those who stuck around for the finale know that a few of the children were chosen as our world's protectors, and crazily enough this was actually where the series was originally going to begin.

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"We Live was conceived to start when issue 5 ends," Roy said. "When my brother and I were crafting each issue we really enjoyed knowing where this arc was going. This first arc was really conceived as a prologue. The story, the characters and their destiny gain their true purpose at the end of this first season. And it was risky because we depended on the sales numbers, we depended on the readers following us to the real 'starting line'; to the point where we could open the door to this new universe. If the numbers wouldn't have followed us, we would have missed the chance to really start this story. So the feeling is bigger than excitement, it's feeling that the dream we want to fulfill really starts now."

"There's also a feeling of gratitude to the readers and a big relief for having made it to this point," Inaki said.

Most of your favorite characters will be back in Era of the Palladions, and for both creators, Tala and Humbo became their favorites through the first series.

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"I think Roy and I both agree on Tala being our favorite," Inaki said. "We worked on her interior a lot. Every step that she takes in the story, we feel it and see it through her eyes and thoughts; she is the reader's eyes… she makes us understand and feel the heavy burden of responsibility on her shoulders, the unconditional love she has for her brother and the helplessness that she experiences as she faces such a hostile world. Well, there's another reason. We know what's in store for her in the second season…"

"Humbo is also a favorite of ours. I feel his humor is very much like the humor Inaki and I grew up with in my family," Roy said. "I like to think that we were just like him when we were his age; and that we would had faced a world like We Live with his attitude."

While I would definitely recommend you read the first series of We Live, you don't necessarily have to, as the new series resets the rules of this world and its characters.

"We erase a lot of boundaries at the end of issue 5," Roy said. "We write new game rules, with as much possibilities as our imagination allows us. But the essence of We Live will continue. You will still hear a voice on the back of your heads saying 'don't get too comfortable, because everything is possible, anything can happen; for better or worse.'"

"Yup, anything can happen," Inaki said. "Nobody is safe. Don't forget that."

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Now, if We Live were to find itself on television or the big screen, the Miranda Brothers already have an idea on who could direct it.

INAKI: We'll leave the actors casting to the director (it's a tough one). I feel the hidden personality of We Live is a blend between the big epic scope of a blockbuster and the subtle contemplative and intimate beats of an independent film," Inaki said. "The perfect director for We Live would be someone who likes and knows how to play in both fields simultaneously."

"This said… how about David Benioff and D.B. Weiss from Game of Thrones," Roy said.

"OK, how about Neil Druckmann (The Last of Us)," Inaki said.

"Jon Favreau," Roy responded.

"Gavin O'Connor (Warrior), David Mackenzie (Hell or High Water), Rupert Wyatt (The Gambler), Bennett Miller (Moneyball)… all these would make me happy as well," Inaki said. "It's We Live, anything can happen!"

You can check out the official description of the new series below.


Writers: Roy and Inaki Miranda

Artist: Inaki Miranda

Colorist: Eva de la Cruz

Letterer: Dave Sharpe

Cover: Inaki Miranda

"Tala and Hototo's long journey has come to an end, but the adventure isn't over!

Now is the ERA OF THE PALLADIONS, a new age for Earth and her people, protected against wild nature by armored heroes. But what happened to Hototo's friends, Humbo and Alice? How will the world move forward? And what has become of Tala, now that she has no brother to protect?"

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