Bloodline: Daughter of Blade #1 Review: A Truly Marvelous Beginning

Handling legacy can be a tricky thing in the world of superhero comics, as a team attempts to walk the line between embracing the elements of the original while also defining the distinct characteristics and personality of a brand-new addition to the mythos. It can easily fall too heavily to one side or the other, but impressively Bloodline: Daughter of Blade #1 walks that tightrope with grace and style. Not only is Brielle's individual evolution compelling, but the relationship with her mother feels genuinely fresh amongst the many fractured parental relationships we so often see. With an equally distinct and vivid art style coupled with it, Bloodline: Daughter of Blade #1 is everything I was hoping for, and the future for the character and this world couldn't be brighter.

Brielle has been introduced in other comics previously, but Bloodline: Daughter of Blade #1 provides an essential foundation for who Brielle is and what sets her and her family apart from other Marvel characters. That becomes clear within just a few pages as writer Danny Lore takes fans back a few years to what feels like a slice of life between any parent and their child. The seeds of future story beats are present obviously, specifically regarding Blade, but the real focus is on Brielle and her mother and how they interact.

After a multitude of superhero origin stories that spring from the grief of lost parents or the pain and resentment that grows from a fractured parental relationship, it's immensely refreshing to find a healthy relationship in the spotlight. That doesn't mean the relationship is without its complexities and issues mind you, but it's more about how they navigate the ever-changing moments life throws at them and surreal circumstances rather than those far more explored elements of other stories.

Conversations feel steeped in real-life moments and scenarios despite the larger-than-life characters and concepts at play, and when the surface layer is pulled away later in the comic, Brielle and her mother's dynamic is made even richer for it. There's a whole exchange about midway through the comic that is so wonderfully honest and open, and yet there are still elements that are kept close to the vest to build on in later issues.

The same can be said of Brielle's friendships, and while the jury is out on the newest addition to Brielle's life, there's certainly an engaging hook delivered by the issue's end in that regard. As for Blade, well, his appearance is brief but is no less compelling, and I eagerly await the day they finally connect.

The distinctness of Brielle is only magnified thanks to the wonderful work of artist Karen S. Darboe, colorist Cris Peter, and letterer Joe Sabino. This entire issue feels perfectly tuned and crafted to maximize Brielle and the darker world she hunts in. They don't disappoint in the brighter moments either, with colors that pop and characters so marvelously expressive throughout.

While there aren't as many action sequences as one might expect, the ones featured hit hard but in different ways. Brielle's scenes are more chaotic but feel more impactful, while Blade's are blood-soaked elegance at their finest. Blade looks a bit more stylish than I remember, but not going to lie, I'm digging it. Bloodline: Daughter of Blade #1 is everything you could want in an introduction, and if this debut is any indication, Brielle is going to be one of Marvel's brightest and coolest new heroes for quite some time.

Published by Marvel Comics

On February 1, 2023

Written by Danny Lore

Art by Karen S. Darboe

Colors by Cris Peter

Letters by Joe Sabino

Cover by Karen S. Darboe and Cris Peter