Punchline and Joker Target Harley Quinn in New Batman #92 Preview

One of the most highly-anticipated comics that is set to debut in the next few months is Batman #92, the epic continuation of James Tynion IV's "Dark Designs" arc. The issue was originally expected to physically release in April, before being postponed to June due to complications tied to the COVID-19 pandemic. In the meantime, fans have been eager to see exactly how the events of the issue unfold -- and it looks like they have a little teaser of what's to come. DC Comics' official Instagram account recently shared the first of three previews for Batman #92, which focuses on Joker and Punchline.

As those who have been keeping up with the Batman mythos know, Punchline is expected to make her biggest appearance yet in the issue -- and it certainly looks like she will be doing so on an interesting footing. The preview shows Punchline feeling overshadowed by the remnants of Harley in one of Joker's old safe houses, only for Joker to call her and let her know that Harley and Catwoman are working together. Punchline then prepares for the fight ahead, leaving a fiery scene - and a tortured henchman - in her wake.

Punchline's debut has been pretty highly-anticipated among DC fans, especially considering the looming "Joker War" arc that lies ahead.

"This is the story that started in the epilogue to Batman 85, and will be the biggest Joker story since Batman: Endgame back during the New 52," Tynion previously said in a statement. "This story is going to have huge, huge ramifications for Gotham City. You’ll see all the seeds planted for Joker War in the background of THEIR DARK DESIGNS, especially as it hits its climax in April, but the big story starts in May."

"It is going to be a very, very scary story," Tynion continued. "I can’t say much about it yet, other than you should probably read it and order lots and lots and lots of copies, just in case you get too freaked up and tear one of them up from the excitement."


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Batman #92 is expected to be released on June 9th.