Venom and Thor Writer Donny Cates Surprise Releases New Comic Online

Over the past couple of years, Donny Cates has become one of the most popular writers over at Marvel Comics, helming titles such as Venom, Thanos, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Thor. In a year of uncertainty and hardship, Cates wanted to bring a little extra joy to the lives of comic readers, so he surprise-released a brand-new, creator-owned series online. On Wednesday morning, with no prior announcement, Cates debuted The One You Feed digitally through publisher Panel Syndicate. The first issue is available right now, and you can pay as much or as little as you want to download it. You can find it here on Panel Syndicate.

This new series is a horror comic that's perfect for the Halloween season, taking place in a world where everyone on the planet transforms once the sun goes down. Cates put The One You Feed together alongside artist Dylan Burnett, with colors by Dean White and letters and design by John J. Hill.

"We’ve been toiling away on this book in secret," said Cates. "We wanted to release something as a way or saying thank you for all the support the fans have given us after all these years. We really hope you all like it."

“It's really my way of giving back to the community that has supported me for so many years,” he added. “2020 sucks, here's a comic that you don't have to pay for if you can't afford it.”

On Tuesday, the eve of the book's surprise launch, Cates took to Twitter to say that he had something big in store. Fans weren't exactly sure what he meant, but this new launch will certainly meet expectations.

You can find the official description of The One You Feed below, along with the first issue's cover.


"THE ONE YOU FEED is set in a future where the entire population is transformed into a demon after nightfall — either 'good wolves' and 'bad wolves,' reflecting each person’s inner self. It tells the story of the city of Helios, a city with an artificial sun, built by the ruler Solomon to keep the monsters at bay… and of Apollo, Solomon’s son, who has to venture outside the city and survive the night along if he is to take the throne promised to him. Of course, everything isn’t as it appears, and Apollo’s quest might not be as straightforward as he believes."

the one you feed donny cates
(Photo: Panel Syndicate)

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