King Tank Girl #1 First Look Preview

Tank Girl is making a return to comic shop shelves this fall with the help of the folks at Albatross Funnybooks. On October 21st, the publisher is releasing the first issue of its new series, King Tank Girl, from writer Alan Martin and artist Brett Parson. King Tank Girl #1 will be the first of five issues in the character's Albatross debut series, where it will exist alongside the likes of The Goon, Hillbilly, and Galaktikon.

While the issue is still a couple of months away, we've got the first inside page preview here at and we'd love to share it with you. You can take a look at three pages from the first issue below.

King Tank Girl takes place in the early years of the character, returning to her roots for a brand new adventure. As some many know, Martin is actually a co-creator of Tank Girl, so he's spent quite a bit of time exploring her story.

king tank girl 1
(Photo: Albatross Funnybooks)
king tank girl 2
(Photo: Albatross Funnybooks)
king tank girl 3
(Photo: Albatross Funnybooks)

"Alan Martin and Brett Parson have been doing some amazing Tank Girl stuff lately, and Brett just did a run of The Goon for us," said The Goon creator and Albatross founder Eric Powell. "And I'm a huge fan of his artwork. And, they kind of approached me and were like, 'Hey we're looking for another home for Tank Girl would you be interested?' And, you know, of course I was interested because it fits right in with everything we've been doing. It's a character that I think sets beside all the comics we have very, very nicely. Our books, I want them to be kind of all over the place. So we have, you know, Galaktikon is like a science fiction drama, space opera kind of thing. Grumble is kind of a father-daughter road trip, supernatural book. And then you have The Goon which is its own thing, and then Hillbilly, but in a weird way they all mesh together because I think they're so different. And so weird and bizarre and not necessarily your typical mainstream stuff. And I'm very happy to have, Tank Girl beside The Goon. I think that's a good fit."


King Tank Girl #1 arrives on October 21st, be sure to add it to your pull list at your local comic book shop.