Mark Millar Announces Nemesis Sequel

One of Mark Millar's controversial series is making a comeback. Millar & McNiven's Nemesis is getting a sequel, except joining Mark Millar is artist Jorge Jiménez (Batman, Justice League). CBR revealed that the Nemesis sequel is set to release in January 2023 from Millarworld, the prolific writer's company that was scooped up by Netflix in 2017. Shortly after the Millarworld/Netflix deal, a Nemesis movie was revealed to be in development. The creator-owned series follows a Batman-esque character that's more Joker than Dark Knight. Nemesis dresses in all-white attire compared to the vigilante's usual dark costume.

"I'm especially excited to have this opportunity to work with Mark Millar!" Jiménez gleefully said about working on Nemesis. "He is not only a writer that I have admired for years, but he is also one of the titans of the comic book world. In addition, Nemesis series has everything I need to develop my style as an artist in a crazy, daring way and without filters. My main objective is to take care of the characters' acting. This series plays nimbly between extremely harsh scenes and hints of badass humor, extreme violence and some serious dramatic touches. The whole project is such a challenge for me, keeping up with this crazy energy and making the whole project feel really entertaining and fun. I'm also going to be the happiest guy in the world doing the action scenes. They're so dynamic and powerful, but very modern too. I'm very excited! I promise you I'll do my best and you will love this madness we have cooked up for you!!"

(Photo: Millarworld)

Mark Millar is also working with another big-name artist from Marvel on a new creator-owned series as well. Big Game pairs Millar with X-Men artist Pepe Larraz. "I'm in love with these guys and have been sending them fan mail for years," Millar said regarding the Nemesis and Big Game announcements. "Jorge I think is the best Batman artist of this century and Pepe is, in my opinion, the greatest X-Men artist of all time. If you're going to steal, steal big so I went for Marvel's biggest player and DC's top dog. Having them over here at Netflix with us is an absolute treat. They're both deep in their respective projects and we'll be releasing some of the art as previews in the back of our current Magic Order and Prodigy series."


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