Marvel Announces World War She-Hulk

Marvel has announced that "World War She-Hulk" is coming to Marvel Comics! The name obviously invokes the now-classic "World War Hulk" storyline of the late 2000s; that story saw Bruce Banner/Hulk invade Earth as a galactic conqueror, after the other heroes of the Marvel Universe betrayed, banished, and tried to assassinate Hulk. Well, that core concept will be at work in "World War She-Hulk," which will see Jennifer Walters/She-Hulk deemed to be a global threat, which leads by Russia and its infamous Winter Guard to pursue and capture her, in order to face "a fate no Hulk could hope to endure."

Marvel World War She Hulk Announced Summer 2021
(Photo: Marvel Comics)

You can get the full (teaser) details of "World War She-Hulk" from the Marvel Comics press release, below:



Jason Aaron and Javier Garrón kick off a new arc in Avengers #46 this July

New York, NY— April 15, 2021 — Jason Aaron and Javier Garrón’s run on AVENGERS continues this July with the storyline She-Hulk fans have been waiting for! Beginning in AVENGERS #46, WORLD WAR SHE-HULK will bring Jennifer Walters’ current journey to its pulse-pounding conclusion, setting the hero on a new path just in time for Avengers #50. An homage to the hit 2007 crossover event by Greg Pak, WORLD WAR SHE-HULK will stand on its own as a new pulse-pounding saga in the Hulk mythos. The action-packed arc will see She-Hulk facing off against Red Guardian and the Winter Guard.

After the shocking events of “Enter the Phoenix,” the Earth has become more fractured and volatile than ever, especially for the Avengers. Once She-Hulk is declared a global menace, Russia’s mightiest heroes, the Winter Guard, are tasked with bringing Jen to justice and face a fate no Hulk could hope to endure.

“When the Russian Winter Guard invade Avengers Mountain to arrest She-Hulk, it sets off a global espionage adventure that takes us from the notorious assassin training academy of the Red Room to an undersea kingdom on the verge of violent revolution,” Aaron said. “Along the way, traitors will fall, regimes will crumble and the dark evolution of Jennifer Walters will reach its bloody red crescendo, all as we build toward the epic events of Avengers #50.”

Don’t miss this exciting chapter in the saga of She-Hulk when AVENGERS #46 hits stands on July 7th! For more information, visit

As stated above, World War She-Hulk will begin in Avengers #46, which will be released on July 7th.