Marvel Just Gave Namor an Adult Son

The New World has been an emotional rollercoaster ride for Carol Danvers, and with its thrilling conclusion in Captain Marvel #26, Carol won't be the only one experiencing at least one aspect of the dystopian far future. For those unfamiliar with what has happened thus far, Carol was brought into this future to act as a conduit for Ove and the Enchantress to send Ove back to our world and timeline, and things were looking shaky for the heroes but they eventually pulled through. Unfortunately, not everything went to play, and now a substantial element has been changed in not just the present but also the past and has had a big effect on Namor, giving him an adult son in the process. Spoilers incoming for Captain Marvel #26 so if you haven't read the issue you've been warned.

Carol eventually discovers that Ove, who is the son of Enchantress and Namor in the future, needed her so that they could send Ove back into our world and timeline, though that turns out to be a ruse by Magik to buy time and get Carol here to help turn the tide against Ove. The process of sending someone back isn't a matter of Carol specifically, but just takes the life-force of someone else, and this is unfortunately discovered in the middle of the battle.

(Photo: Marvel)

When Enchantress discovered this, she acts as the sacrifice to send Ove to our world and timeline, because it is what her son wanted. That is bad enough, but then Magik tells Carol that it appears Ove wasn't just sent back to when Carol was first brought over, but further back in time. That means he's been plotting and scheming in the shadows for quite a bit, but there's another important aspect to all this.

When Carol returns to our world and timeline she returns right to the point where she was pulled to the future, and for everyone else, no time has really passed. Also, Carol has retained her powered-up form from when Brigid charged her full of energy in the future, so, this means that Ove returned to our past with not only all the knowledge he contained but also at his current age and form, meaning that Namor might be shocked to learn that he now has an adult son in the universe.

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This is bound to have quite a few ramifications on Carol's life, and we're interested to see how Namor reacts to the news as well. Hopefully, we don't have to wait too long to see that reaction play out.

Captain Marvel #26 is written by Kelly Thompson with art by Lee Garbett, and you can find the official description below.

"SUCCESS COMES AT A PRICE FOR CAPTAIN MARVEL! With the help of her allies, Carol Danvers taps into a new level of power in her fight against Ove, but at what cost? It may be enough to save the future from Ove, but what about the past? And will saving the future mean sacrificing her only chance to go home?"


Captain Marvel #26 is in comic stores now.

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