Marvel Makes Big Change to Thor's Hammer

Marvel fans know one thing for sure when it comes to Thor's mystical hammer Mjolnir: Only he or she who is worthy may lift it. However, Thor #7 is now out, and apparently Marvel Comics is making some major changes to Thor's hammer, and how it works. (SPOILERS) As we learn in the latest chapter of Donny Cates' Thor storyline, Thor has sent Mjolnir back to Earth to perform a little test. The King of Asgard has felt for some time that something is amiss with his realm and powers, and he gets some big confirmation when a random Earthling is able to wield Mjolnir!

The Earthling in question is none other than "Adam Aziz" a former convict (for aggravated assault and armed robbery) who spent his post-prison years working as a low-cost mechanic in his hometown of Broxton, Oklahoma. It's Aziz who is the nearest to the scene when Mjolnir comes crashing back to Earth. Thor sent Mjilnor back to Midgard with a bold new inscription on it: Iron Man's private phone number. Aziz makes the call to a very shocked Tony Stark, who promptly comes to investigate the scene.

Tony operates under the same logical assessment of Mjolnir that any Avenger would: that only Thor (or some worthy successor) can lift it. As far as Iron Man is concerned, Mjilnor being back on Earth is an ominous omen. However, when Stark starts overthinking the situation, Thor sends down a new inscription for Mjolnir to it the situation undeniably clear: "Pick It Up". Being the closest person to the hammer, Adam Aziz does as the Thunder God requests, and reaches out to lift Mjolnir. To Iron Man's surprise, the elderly man easily lifts the hammer and becomes his own version of 'Old Man Thor.'

Thor Hammer Changes Mjolnir Powers Marvel Comics Spoilers
(Photo: Marvel Comics)

While that strange scene is playing out on Earth, in Asgard Thor is recruiting Beta Ray Bill to be his second-in-command and Warmaster. Thor finally lets Bill in on the growing threat to himself and Asgard that is gathering in the shadows:

"...Something is wrong. I have sensed it for too long. Something broken inside of Mjolnir. And, for too long, I have tried to ignore it. To run from it. TO cast it out of my mind. Today I will run no more. Today I will face it. Mjolnir has grown heavier since I have taken the throne. And though I do not know how this is possible, I believe I know why. In my heart I know it is true. I have feared that I would soon be unable to lift Mjolnir. That somehow, It has grown tired of me... or that I have again become unworthy. But the truth... the truth is much worse. It is not only that I struggle to lift Mjolnir: It is also that everyone else does not."


The idea of it basically being open season on the use of Thor's hammer is a chilling one. Mjolnir is one of the famous and powerful mystical weapons in Marvel lore, and if character is no longer the measure of wielding it, then Thor may have just sent a potential WMD down to Earth.

Thor #7 is now on sale.