Marvel Reveals Wolverine's New Archnemesis

Those who've been following Marvel Comics' recent relaunch fo the X-Men comics line may remember that the Quiet Council of Krakoa voted to sentence Sabretooth, Wolverine's deadliest rival, to confinement in a pit for his reckless killing of humans in House of X. Now Marvel is introducing a new character in the upcoming X of Swords event that will become Wolverine's new archnemesis. That character is Solem, who wild debut in the third chapter of X of Swords in Wolverine #6. Marvel offered no further details about who Solem is, but revealed a teaser image showing the hooded character in chains. Take a look below.

X of Swords is a 22-part event. The story begins in X of Swords: Creation #1 on September 16th.

(Photo: Marvel Comics)

"We're in a really interesting time in that the books have launched and they're all healthy, and the reception of the line across the board has been fairly positive, I would say," Jonathan Hickman, Marvel's Head of X, told in February. "And we know the things that we're doing down the road. And so what we're doing now — and X of Swords is a perfect example of this — is that we're just trying sh-t out. We haven't done a real crossover across a bunch of books, that was a real, true crossover, in a really long time. And so we got together as the X group, and we were like, 'We want to do a crossover.' And the question is, 'Okay, so were we just screwing around? Or do we actually have a story?' And thank goodness, we have a story. But it's really a group experiment across the line. And we're doing that again in December, and we got some stuff we're doing next year that works the same way.

"This is going to be a big crossover, and Tini Howard and I are writing the big chunks of it together, and then all the other X-Men books are going to filter in and out of it. The tarot stuff came from Tini. There's a scene in [the] Free Comic Book Day [special], and it's in the first issue as well, that ties into all that and pulls it all together. That's where it comes from."

Wolverine #6 goes on sale on October 7th.

Wolverine #6
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