Huge Capcom Sale Features 87% off Monster Hunter, Street Fighter, Resident Evil, and More

Capcom games are cheap right now.

A huge Capcom sale is live across multiple platforms, including Nintendo Switch, PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S. In the process, there is upwards of 87% in savings on games and series such as Street Fighter, Monster Hunter, Resident Evil, Dragon's Dogma, Dead Rising, Devil May Cry, Mega Man, and Okami. 

The new sale has been dubbed the Capcom Golden Week Sale by Capcom itself, though the deals last longer than just a week. How long the deals are available though depends on the deal and the platform. 

"All that glitters is gold in the Capcom Golden Week Sale, now in full swing on all platforms! Save up to 87% on some of our biggest franchises like Resident Evil, Monster Hunter, and more for a limited time," reads an official X post from Capcom promoting the sale

Capcom Games and Series on Sale

  • Street Fighter
  • Resident Evil
  • Monster Hunter
  • Devil May Cry
  • Ace Attorney
  • Dead Rising
  • Bionic Commando
  • Mega Man
  • Dragon's Dogma 
  • Lost Planet
  • Ghosts N' Goblins
  • Okami
  • Onimusha
  • Versus
  • "Other"
  • "Capcom"

Resident Evil 4 Remake 50% Off

The highlight of all the deals may be PS4 and PS5 deal for Resident Evil 4. On the PlayStation Store, the 2023 remake has been slashed by 50%, making the survival horror game just $19.99. 

"Survival is just the beginning," reads an official description of the remake on the PlayStation Store. "Six years have passed since the biological disaster in Raccoon City. Agent Leon S. Kennedy, one of the survivors of the incident, has been sent to rescue the president's kidnapped daughter. He tracks her to a secluded European village, where there is something terribly wrong with the locals. And the curtain rises on this story of daring rescue and grueling horror where life and death, terror and catharsis intersect."

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