'Arrow' Will Address How Oliver's Son Affects His Public Life

During the season five Arrow finale William discovered that the Green Arrow was his dad and in season six the people of Star City will discover that Mayor Oliver Queen has a son. According to executive producer Wendy Mericle, that reveal will have an impact on Oliver's public life.

Even though we don't yet know — and may not know for a while — the final tally of who made it off Lian Yu alive we do know that Oliver will be doing daddy duty. In real life, a mayor having a long-lost son would be a major scandal and while Mericle admits to TVLine that delving into scandal "is a great idea," it sounds like the show will be exploring how fatherhood intersects with Oliver's public life instead.

"We are definitely exploring this notion of what is it like for Oliver to have a kid and be in the spotlight in the city," Mericle said. "We are going to be using that as a platform to tell some stories, because it's just a natural place to go. It gives us an opportunity to tell political stories from a different perspective."

William being a part of Oliver's public life won't be the first time fatherhood has been disruptive for Star City's hero. In the season four episode "Taken" Felicity breaks up with Oliver upon discovering that he's been keeping her in the dark about his son. And a new promo for the upcoming season hints that integration into Oliver's life isn't going to be easy for William, either. The young boy is shown pointing at Oliver as being the "bad man" in his nightmares.

As for telling political stories from a different perspective, bringing William's into the narrative will provide another outlet for Arrow to take on serious, hot-button issues much like the show did with gun control last season in "Spectre of the Gun." Showrunner Marc Guggenheim even told Collider last week that he'd be interested in tackling more topical episodes, including a Black Lives Matter episode, in season six. Hot-button issues may resonate more with Oliver now that he’s a full-time dad in addition to being both the mayor and Green Arrow.

Fans will see how fatherhood impacts Oliver’s life when Arrow returns on Thursday, October 12th on The CW.

ArrowWednesday at 8 PM ET on CW

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