'Gotham' Recap With Spoilers - 'The Demon's Head'

Alfred and Bruce have taken the knife to the museum for Dr. Winthrop to look it over and tell him what it is. Winthrop's grandson Alex is introduced to Bruce and Alfred. Bruce asks them to keep the knife a secret while they examine it overnight.

Nygma has locked himself in a room while he tries to come up with another riddle, but he's clearly been failing. He finally thinks of something, before saying that he'll kill Penguin the next day.

At the museum, Dr. Winthrop is onto something with the knife. He reads an ominous poem about "The Demon's Head" from the handle of the knife. R'as al Ghul shows up, knocking on the door. Winthrop sends Alex into his office to hide, just before al Ghul enters, asking for his knife. Winthrop stays quiet, the alarm in the museum goes off, and Ra's kills him.

Jim and the GCPD are investigating Winthrop's murder at the museum. Bruce shows up and talks with Jim about meeting with Winthrop and mentions the grandson. The knife is missing and Bruce begins to look for it. He says he'll tell Jim everything he wants to know but he wants to assist him. Bruce says he had a bidding war with Barbara for the knife.

Barbara and Ra's talk at her clubhouse, and she shows him two creepy villains that he called in for help. A giant man and a screeching small man on a leash, who they call Dogboy. Ra's tells them to fetch the knife and that they can kill the boy once they find it.

Sofia Falcone shows up to Penguin's office. She assures him that she hasn't returned to take any business from him. Penguin assured her that they have "nothing to discuss" and Sofia left.

Jim shows up at Barbara's and acknowledges that she's different than she used to be. He questions her about the knife but she says she was at the clubhouse and there are witnesses to confirm. She refuses to give him the name of her client but Bruce enters and asks about Ra's. he and Jim quickly leave.

Bruce argues with Jim outside before telling him all about Ra's and his connection to the Court of Owls and the Tetch virus. They go back to the museum to find Alex and see if he's safe.

Penguin receives a message from Nygma in the form of two guys rapping a riddle. Penguin tells Zsasz that he's going to meet Nygma so that he can have him frozen again.

Bruce and Jim get back to the museum and find Alex hiding in the back office. Alex confirmed that a man killed his grandfather while looking for the knife and that he hid it somewhere safe. People in the museum start screaming and Jim goes to investigate. He's attacked by the giant man and Dogboy. Bruce and Alex disappear.

Ra's shows up at the GCPD to talk to Jim, who decides to try and trick him into believing that they have the knife. He tells his partner to call Alfred.

Alex was bitten by Dogboy and Bruce is helping him clean his wound. He also tells Alex about his past to make him feel stronger. Alex tells Bruce that he will take him to the knife.

Jim and Ra's chat about the knife and the villain tries to play it off like it's not as big of a deal. He tells Jim about a man who cannot die, but the storied man needed that knife in order to complete his destiny. Jim tells Ra's that he has the knife. Alfred barges in and punches Ra's in the face. While Jim calms down Alfred, Ra's disappears. He's going after Bruce.

Sofia talks to her father's gangsters, who have shown up to talk with her about further business. She tells them that she's not trying to take down Penguin, just before Penguin shows up.

Zsasz and Penguin kill the men, and Penguin reveals that he set the whole meeting up to rid Gotham of Falcone's men. Penguin chose to leave Sofia alive, and she schools him on the way a Falcone would have done business.

Alex was hiding the knife back in the museum and he gives it to Bruce, who promises not to let Ra's have it. Dogboy and the giant man have come for the two boys, chasing them through the museum.

The rapping men come back to see Penguin with another message, revealing that he had gone to the wrong place the first time. Nygma sets another meeting.

In the museum, Dogboy catches Bruce but Jim shows up just in time. The trio defeat dogboy and the giant man but not before Ra's al Ghul shows up to take Alex. He tells Bruce that he'll release the boy if he hands the knife over. Bruce can't hand it over because he knows how dangerous the knife is. Ra's kills Alex just before falling to his knees and allowing Gordon to arrest him.

Jim tells Bruce that Ra's is on his way to Blackgate. Bruce blames himself for Alex's death.

Nygma and Penguin finally meet up and Penguin says that he tried to solve all of his riddles but he couldn't because they weren't any good. Penguin makes fun of Nygma's name before revealing that Mr. Freeze was waiting to freeze Nygma once again. Penguin quickly changes his mind, saying that Nygma living without The Riddler was worse than death so he let him live.

Sofia tells Jim why she came back to Gotham but refuses to tell him her plan. She's going to get the city back from Penguin but he has to trust her. The two begin to kiss.

Ra's is seen being transported to Blackgate, and he smirks just before being taken inside.