'Aquaman' Director Shows Off Behind-The-Scenes Prop

Aquaman is deep in production, and it looks like its director is bringing along a pretty massive prop.

James Wan, who is helming the picture, recently shared a photo of two workers on the film's set, holding some sort of giant whale prop.

Having a whale of a time.

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To the delight (and dismay) of Wan's Instagram followers, the director marked the photo with a pun, saying that he's "having a whale of a time." Plenty of commenters have joined in on the comments, saying that they "sea" what Wan did there, and calling the director a "son of a beach."

Aquaman began production back in May, and Wan has been teasing fans with updates in the months since. After delighting fans with a first look at Mera (Amber Heard), Wan has been chronicling various updates of the film, including its 'creepy' villains and star-studded cast.

Even with the presence of some adorable looking animals, fans can expect a much more serious adaptation of the film's titular character.

“Momoa is not a guy that you would go up to and make fun of,” Wan said earlier this year. “I really think you immediately remove any of the stigma of the character from the cartoons that we are familiar with.”

Aquaman will also signify a new era for the DC Films brand, as it focuses more on director-based visions than on a larger shared universe narrative.

“Some of the movies do connect the characters together, like Justice League,” Geoff Johns, DC chief creative officer, said last month. “But, like with Aquaman, our goal is not to connect Aquaman to every movie.”

Fans will get to see Aquaman in next month's Justice League, before the Aquaman solo film debuts on October 5th, 2018.


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