Former Wrestler Confirmed For Aquaman Movie Role

Yesterday afternoon footage surfaced from the Aquaman set, and now one of the stars of that footage has been confirmed.

You might have noticed a familiar face on the beaches of Currumbin Queensland, which belongs to former WWE wrestler Mada Abdelhamid. Mada officially revealed his scene in the anticipated film by sharing a new photo from the set.

"Was keeping this under wraps.... but since it's all over the news here in Australia I might as well share," Mada said. "Had an EPIC time shooting my scene in Aquaman. Pretty cool having a few camels in this scene being from Egypt and all ? We are wrapping up down here in beautiful Gold Coast Australia... it was such an amazing experience. The last 7 months down here have just been incredible, we had a hell of a group. Going to miss everyone!!! Till next time Australia .... now time to go travel the world ? #CaptainSluggo."

Mada appears to be in a scene where Aquaman and Mera are emerging from the ocean in full costume. The beach is littered with civilians, and by the looks of this picture two camels also make their way into the scene. You can view the footage here, which shows Mada talking to Amber Heard and Jason Momoa.

Mada was signed after appearing on the WWE reality show Tough Enough, but like other contestants on the show from that season, he departed WWE earlier this year. It's been difficult for contestants on the show to make headway in WWE's main roster system, especially with all the competition entering into NXT these days.

The good news is it seems Mada is doing just fine, and fans can see him in when Aquaman hits in 2018.


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