Justice League Ultimate Trailer Released

Justice League is almost here, but if you've missed out on any of the footage thus far, you'll absolutely love this ultimate trailer.

The trailer was assembled by Sebastian Hughes, who compiled all of the trailers released so far into one ultimate version. It runs 5 minutes and 19 seconds long, and the footage is overlayed with the song "Window of Appearances" by Phillip Glass, which gives everything a more solemn but tense tone.

Justice League has been anticipated for some time, so it's rather easy to overlook a piece of new footage here or there. Thankfully the ultimate trailer puts it all into one convenient place, and as a result, there are a few scenes even we missed along the way.

Scenes like the Batman versus Parademon melee fight (not the one where he throws a Batarang), or the Wonder Woman dodging a bullet sequence. Granted, every other part of that made it into a major trailer, but the actual dodging part passed us by.

You can view the ultimate trailer in the video above, and you can find more of Sebastian Hughes work on YouTube.

The good news is that thus far the footage has been well received, despite the change in directors. Batman actor Ben Affleck revealed he looks at that more as a positive than a negative.

“Joss just brought to the movie what good directors bring, which is good taste," Affleck told SFX Magazine. "A sense of what’s gonna work in the story and what isn’t. An instinct for realism and for finding the humanity in the characters and the humanity in the conflict, then making it accessible and relevant. I think that’s one of the things he did so well with Avengers, frankly. He really defined the tone, and it felt like a lot of the movies after that sort of fell into that tone that he created."

Affleck also commended Whedon on his ability to make these larger than life characters work together on screen.

"It was a very tricky dance where you have all these people who can do all these fantastic things that’s completely absurd on the face of it, and yet, a good storyteller like Joss brings us in, makes us identify with them, makes them seem real, and makes it interesting. A lot of guys know the comic books, a lot of people have that knowledge base. What Joss really has is talent," Affleck said.

Fans will be able to judge for themselves when Justice League lands in theaters on November 17.

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