James Gunn Thinks Marvel And DC Fans Should Stop Arguing About 'Batman V Superman'

Since the dawn of humankind, people have been divided into two camps, constantly at war. And though the sides have much in common, they are doomed to fight this eternal battle as if it can be won. But there is no winning the battle of Marvel versus DC Comics, and director James Gunn knows it.

The Guardians of the Galaxy director recently pitched his own version of "can't we all just get along?" with a post to social media with a string of tweets telling fans to stop bickering over Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Check out some of the tweets below

Of course, Gunn's comments will likely fall on deaf ears, and it wouldn't be any different even if he waded directly into ComicBook.com's Facebook page and said the same thing to every single commenter.

When it comes to the internet, people are going to argue. Nothing will ever change that. And people have been arguing about the merits and detriments of both DC and Marvel since long before the internet became the glorious garbage heap of hostile interactions that it is now.

Just keep his words in mind the next time someone expresses an opinion that doesn't perfectly line up with your own. People are allowed to like the things they like so long as it doesn't hurt anyone else.

Unless of course someone is talking positively about the Howard the Duck movie, then they should be scolded with fiery passion.

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