This Is the 'Deathstroke' Poster We Need

DC fans were thrilled at last week's news that a Deathstroke movie was officially being added to the films current in development for the DC Extended Universe. So excited that the fan-made posters are already hitting the internet.

One such fan made poster popped up on Reddit's DC Cinematic community this weekend and as you can see below, the combination of Slade Wilson's mask as previously shared by Joe Manganiello and Batman's signature bat insignia is exactly the poster we want to see.

FAN-MADE: Deathstroke movie poster by MessyPandas from DC_Cinematic

The poster, made by a fan artist going by the name MessyPandas, keeps it simple with a tight close up on the eye of Deathstroke's battered mask. It's a menacing image with that one solitary eye gazing out, but a careful look reveals that bat insignia shaping the mask's eye opening. With Deathstroke having close ties to the Batman family in comics, incorporating the symbol make sense, but it is also in line with what fans are hoping to see for the film.

While details for the Deathstroke film haven't been released just yet, fans have some specific ideas of what they would like to see regarding story and that includes bringing a live-action version of the Batman storyline "Under the Red Hood" to the screen. Another poster, this time by popular artist BossLogic made a more direct reference to the story by featuring Supernatural star Jensen Ackles reimagined as Jason Todd, aka Red Hood. Ackles voiced the character in 2010's animated feature Batman: Under the Red Hood and fans have been wanting to see him come to the live-action screen ever since.

Of course, the inclusion of the bat symbol is also a nod to previous reports that Deathstroke would primarily factor into The Batman solo film and could potentially even appear in the upcoming Justice League, as some fans seem to think a side-by-side comparison of Deathstroke's mask as seen in Ben Affleck's iconic Twitter video and the far more battered version seen in Manganiello recent photos indicates.

Deathstroke is currently in pre-production and no release date has been announced. However, fans of the DCEU don't have to wait much longer to see some of their favorite characters on the big screen. Justice League hits theaters on November 17th.

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