Hundreds of Collectible Statues are BOGO 40% Off Right Now

Collectibles statues aren’t particularly affordable, so when a big deal comes along you should jump on it - especially with the holidays looming. As far as these kinds of deals go, you won’t find one that’s much better than this buy one, get one 40-percent off sale.

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The deal comes from Entertainment Earth, who are offering up their entire selection of in-stock statues for the promotion. Currently, that means over 700 statues with themes that include DC Comics, Marvel, Star Wars, Disney, anime, video games and more. It’s a lot to take in, so your best bet is to head on over to Entertainment Earth's statue section and use the dropdown to narrow your search to your favorite fandoms. Quantities on all of these statues will be limited, so grab your favorites while you can. Here are a few popular themes to get you started:

Star Wars
Wonder Woman
DC Comics
The Walking Dead
Dragon Ball