'Justice League': Ben Affleck Teases Cool Reveals And Fun Twists

Hitting theaters in less than two weeks, Justice League will finally answer countless questions fans have had about the film and settle a variety of debates. Fervent fans might feel as though they've uncovered almost every detail about the film already, but star Ben Affleck promises there are many more twists and surprises to come.

"I think, any time you're making a movie, you're telling a story, you don't want to give it away," Affleck revealed to ETalk. "These movies, people pay a lot of attention to them, so you have to work a little bit harder to keep it secret. There's some cool reveals and fun twists and, so far, we've managed to keep them secret."

Co-star Ezra Miller joined in with some of his thoughts, stating, "People are determined to spoil the movie for themselves. Their spies are everywhere."

All fans have different reasons to want to know every detail about a film, ranging from wanting to consume every detail about a project they're excited for to merely selfish reasons, taking a sense of pride in knowing something before others do.

"We're the information age, people just want to know. We want to know for the sake of knowing," Ray Fisher pointed out. "We've got all the social media, we know everything all the time, and this is no different."

As far as why fans are attempting to discover so much about the Justice League, there are variety of explanations.

Four years after the DC Extended Universe kicked off with Man of Steel, the reception to the universe has been underwhelming. With the exception of Wonder Woman, which has earned vast amounts of financial success and critical praise, many of the films based on DC Comics characters have been poorly received. They make massive amounts of money, but often receive negative reviews.

Another point of curiosity around the film is that director Zack Snyder parted ways from the project before shooting had finished due to a family tragedy. Director Joss Whedon, whose filmmaking sensibilities seem vastly different from Snyder's, have fans wondering how the different visions will mesh for the final product.

While fans got to see Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman together in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, this film will be the first time audiences get to see the fully-formed Justice League in one film together, which is many fans' dream come true.

We'll see what surprises Justice League has to offer when it hits theaters on November 17.

[H/T ETalk]

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