'Arrow,' 'Legends of Tomorrow' EPs Promise Tears in the DC Crossover

crisis on earth x arrowverse crossover bosslogic

Showrunners for both Arrow and DC's Legends of Tomorrow are warning fans that they should expect an emotional ride in "Crisis on Earth-X," the upcoming four-show crossover set to debut on The CW November 27.

The story, which will unite members of the Supergirl and The Flash casts with Arrow and Legends regulars, pits the heroes of the Arrowverse against villains from Earth-X, a parallel dimension where the Nazis won World War II and heroes like Oliver Queen and Kara Zor-El are...not so nice.

"The biggest surprise will be the emotional component of the crossover," Arrow executive producer Wendy Mericle told THR in a recent interview. "I don't think anyone is going to see that coming. It's very much a dark love story. It's the underpinnings of that that will make the Earth-X element a real contrast to that. Oliver [Stephen Amell] has a big role to play in it and it's bigger and better than any crossover we've done in the past. It's going to be epic."

In that same article, Legends EP Phil Klemmer suggested that it would be the crew of the Waverider that brought some of the waterworks -- something that THR speculated could mean a "heroic sacrifice" along the way.

That's a particularly compelling guess because Victor Garber, who plays Martin Stein on the series, is leaving Legends before season's end.

"You'll be most surprised that Legends is capable of making our audience cry," Klemmer tells THR. "I thought last season really leaned into the comedy and that season three we tripled down on that. There's some ludicrous moments. Things get bananas, and yet in this crossover, we have this thing that happens that will honestly move you to tears."

The "Crisis on Earth-X" crossover will take place on November 27 and 28, beginning at 8 p.m. ET/PT each night and running for 2 hours.