Twitter Was Not Happy About 'Wonder Woman's Lack of Oscar Nominations

The nominations for the 90th Academy Awards were announced on Tuesday morning, and nerds around the world were overjoyed to learn that Logan, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 each landed nominations.

As much praise as their was for these decisions however, there were twice as many people taking their anger to social media, asking the Academy, "Where the hell is Wonder Woman?!"

One of the biggest critical and financial success stories of the year, Wonder Woman was beloved by millions. Fans, as well as many around the film industry, were puzzled that Patty Jenkins' DC film was totally snubbed by the Academy.

Sure, the movie probably wasn't going to land a nomination for Best Picture, and Patty Jenkins earning a nod for Best Director against the likes of Jordan Peele, Greta Gerwig, Christopher Nolan, Paul Thomas Anderson, and Guillermo Del Toro was certainly a long-shot. Still, there were a few categories where Wonder Woman could have been recognized.

Many will point to the costume and production design categories as clear snubs for Wonder Woman. The WWI-inspired costumes, along with the backdrop of war-ravaged Europe, helped make the movie stand out against other superhero movies that came before it.

The Visual Effects category was also a possible landing spot for a Wonder Woman nomination. Some were bothered by the fact that Kong: Skull Island earned a nod in that category over the female-driven DC adventure.

Unfortunately, we do now live in a world where Wonder Woman will never have any Oscar recognition, but Suicide Squad will remain in the history books as an Academy Award-winner.

Hosted by Jimmy Kimmel, the 90th Academy Awards will air on ABC on Sunday, March 4.

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