Lynda Carter Says A Peeping Tom Was Caught On 'Wonder Woman' TV Series Set

Even Wonder Woman has to deal with creeps and trolls, though you don't expect them to be part of your own team.

That's what happened to Wonder Woman icon Lynda Carter, who played the hero during the popular television series in the 70s. Carter recently revealed she ended up dealing with a peeping tom on the set, who went to significant lengths to see her.

“There was a cameraman who drilled a hole in my dressing room wall on the Warner Brothers lot," Carter told The Daily Beast. When asked if it was a peeping tom, Carter said “Yes. They caught him, fired him, and drummed him out of the business.”

That was far from the only instance of harassment Carter dealt with during her career.

“I fended off my share,” Carter said. “And I’ve been afraid. If a man tried something, I would say, ‘Are you kidding me?’” Typically the male offender would try to laugh off his behavior, “so there was an element of deniability there."

Carter also illustrated the differences between being hit on and being sexually assaulted.

“There is a difference between a guy hitting on you, which everybody has, and a guy assaulting you," Carter said. "If someone is hitting on you aggressively, you go, ‘Back off’ and he does. But then there is the guy who locks you in a room, or who corners you. There is a huge difference when you can’t speak up, or you get blackballed if you say anything. The repercussion of all this has been #MeToo.”


Carter is currently narrating the Smithsonian Channel's history series Epic Warrior Women, which kicks off on March 19. Fans are also hopeful that she will make a cameo in the upcoming Wonder Woman sequel, which looks like it could really happen.

Aquaman lands in theaters on December 21, while Shazam! hits theaters on April 5, 2019. Wonder Woman 2 soars into theaters on November 1, 2019. Other films in development are Nightwing, an untitled Justice League sequel, a Joker Origin movie, Black Adam, Flashpoint, Justice League Dark, Cyborg, and Green Lantern Corps.