'Krypton' Premiere Ratings Stand For Hope

Syfy's long-awaited superhero show Krypton debuted this week and now that the ratings are in, it can be said that the show had a pretty impressive premiere.

According to TV By the Numbers, Krypton notched over 1.3 million viewers, recording a 0.4 rating in television's key 18-49 demographic. Krypton finished fifth in ratings on Wednesday behind a pair of National Basketball Association games, VH1's Black Ink Crew, and Discovery's Street Outlaws: No Prep.

Although it's not a part of The CW's Arrowverse world, Krypton is holding its own, so far, against the series premiere of its fellow DC Comics-based shows. Trailing behind Supergirl (3.5), The Flash (1.9), Arrow (1.3), and Legends of Tomorrow (1.2).

Krypton did manage to finish ahead of Black Lightning (0.8), a show that was originally ordered by Fox although the network eventually passed on it, giving The CW an opportunity to pick up for a series.

As Krypton moves forward with it's ten-episode inaugural season, showrunner Cameron Welsh is excited to be able to work with characters from family such as DC's House of El.

"We haven't really seen much of this world before and it's just this open book and allows us to tell a story that hasn't been told," Welsh told reporters during a recent set visit. "There's still plenty more Superman stories to tell, but there's already been a ton of those and there will continue to be. Here's a fresh opportunity to tell this -- to explore a part of the DC universe which is super important, and it's relatively unexplored. It's less about not having Superman but more about it being a prequel is something that we've discussed as being a challenge that we face."


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Krypton airs on Wednesday nights at 10 p.m. ET/9 p.m. CT on SYFY.