New Website Domains Shed New Light On ‘Wonder Woman 2’

It looks like things are moving behind-the-scenes on Wonder Woman 2. The sequel is one of Warner Bros. Pictures’ most anticipated, and filming is expected to begin on the superhero flick fairly soon. So, it makes sense for the team behind the sequel to find a website for the movie, and fans are ready to examine those domains for all they are worth.

According to a new report by Domain Name Wire, it seems Warner Bros. just registered a handful of domains regarding Wonder Woman. The full list can be found below, and fans will immediately notice a few interesting things about the names:


Breaking down this list, a few things become apparent:

  1. It looks like Wonder Woman 2 is sticking with its 1980s setting. The time period has been connected consistently with the sequel, so fans can expect Diana Prince to get her glam rock on. Well, maybe.
  2. Two of these domain names directly reference Cheetah, the sequel’s big villain. The vixen will be brought to life on-screen by Kristen Wiig, and the URLs refer to her by her alias and given first name.
  3. The rest of the titles seem to be fairly standard. However, the discussion of Wonder Woman Rises and Wonder Woman Lives has some fans theorizing the worst may happen to Diana in this sequel.

For now, fans can only guess as to what these domains may mean in the long run. Wonder Woman 2 has yet to start filming, but director Patty Jenkins did tell Variety it would start shooting soon.

"There's nothing I can say," Jenkins hedged. "Very soon. Shockingly soon."

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Wonder Woman 2 is expected to land in theaters on November 1, 2019.