New 'Arrow' Season 7 Teaser Reveals a Naked Prison Fight

It looks like Arrow will be bearing it all in its upcoming seventh season -- and maybe in a pretty literal way.

A new teaser for Season 7, which you can check out below, shows a brief sequence of Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) getting into a fight in the showers of Slabside Prison. While the sequence has a lot of quick editing, it looks like Oliver probably isn't wearing a lot of clothes (if any) in the scene.

Considering what we already know about Arrow's seventh season, this is a pretty interesting notion, as the show's crew have hinted that one of the new sequences is already pushing the boundaries in terms of censorship.

"Beth [Schwartz, Arrow showrunner] and I had a phone call with BNSP, which is our censors... a very lengthy phone call about a particular scene that we never had before," frequent Arrow director James Bamford explained in an interview earlier this summer. "So, we are really trying to push the limits on the show in the gritty factor. We are trying to go as far as you can go within the confines of our network and what is expected of us and what we can do and can't do. We are not on Netflix, so we will never be able to X, Y, and Z, but we are damn sure going to try."

It's unclear if the censorship issues were about this scene in particular, or were just related to the violence that Oliver seems to be getting into while in prison. But either way, it sounds like it all will just be a larger illustration of Arrow narratively swinging for the fences.

“Obviously, you want to lean into things that you think fans would want, right?” Amell suggested in a previous interview. “Concurrently, I’m all for things that make fans mad, because mad is no different than happy. The only thing that I don’t want is indifference. I always joke with fans about my alter-ego, Evil Story Steve. If you were to tell me, you know, that four people died in the season premiere of Arrow in season seven, I’d be very sad … but my alter-ego, Evil Story Steve, would be like, ‘Oh – that’s very exciting; why’d that happen?’"

"So, I think that making fans happy, clearly, is what you wanna do when you’re on a show in general because you want people to keep watching, as long as you’re not afraid to lean into things that may make them go, ‘But why would you do that? I hate that. That’s awful,’ because that’s not actually what they mean. If someone screams out on Twitter, ‘I’m gonna stop watching the show!’ they’re probably not gonna stop watching the show, you know what I mean?” Amell added.


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The season seven premiere of Arrow, which is titled "Inmate 4587", will debut on Monday, October 15th, at 8/7c on The CW.