'Spider-Man' Star Michael Keaton Uses Super Bowl to Challenge the Pittsburgh Steelers

Batman and Spider-Man: Homecoming star Michael Keaton ripped into his beloved Pittsburgh Steelers following the New England Patriots' Super Bowl LIII win, telling them to "take a long, hard look" at themselves after they surrendered their sole claim on the title of winningest Super Bowl team of all time.

This was a season marked by in-fighting among the Steelers, something that has tainted the fans' perception of the team. In the comments below Keaton's tweet are dozens of remarks from Steelers fans (or even just fans of good football) who can't believe the mess in Mike Tomlin's locker room.

You can see Keaton's remarks below.

Interestingly, Keaton is critiquing the Steelers allowing the Pats to catch up to their six wins -- but they have done so by approaching it more or less the same way the Steelers did: by winning a bunch all at once with a powerful team that had staying power.

While the Patriots have won all of their championships during the Tom Brady era, building a case for their quarterback as one of the greatest and certainly most game-changing players ever to take the position, the Steelers did more or less the same thing when they won four of their titles during a six-year span in the '70s.

The Steelers of 1974 to 1979 are still viewed as arguably the greatest team in NFL history, and only two of the team's wins -- a victory over the Seahawks in Super Bowl XL and a defeat of the Arizona Cardinals in Super Bowl XLIII -- have come in any other era.


The Patriots and Steelers will meet in the 2019-2020 season -- perhaps even in the season opener, which would make for some great soundbytes -- although with each passing year both teams raise more questions about how age will impact their lineup. While still dominant, it hardly feels like a foregone conclusion that teams led by Ben Roethlisberger (age 36) and Tom Brady (41) will cruise undaunted through the punishing NFL schedule.

After the New England Patriots won the Super Bowl by a score of 13-3, Brady became the oldest quarterback ever to win one. Before him, Peyton Manning was the oldest at 39 years old, John Elway at 38, and Johnny Unitas at 37.