New 'Shazam!' International Trailer Packed With Batman, Superman, and Aquaman References

DC's Shazam! is getting a Chinese release and to celebrate the occasion, Warner Brothers and New Line have released a new international trailer. Spoiler alert: It's packed with references to some of the most popular heroes in the DC Comics pantheon.

You can find humorous nods to the likes of Batman, Superman, and Aquaman in the trailer above!

The first big DC reference comes in the opening shot of the trailer, as Billy and Freddy examine the Batarang in their room. This trinket has been spotted in almost all of the various Shazam! teasers, but it's the repeat to be found here.

When Shazam and Sivana are fighting through the sky over the city, the camera cuts to a young boy in an apartment playing with two action figures; Batman and Superman. As he brings them together to fight, the real-life Shazam and Sivana clash in the skyline ahead of him.

The final reference arrives at the end of the trailer, as Billy tries to figure out if he can talk to fish, one of Aquaman's classic powers. When he asks what he could even do with that kind of power, Freddy fires back with "maybe control the billions in the ocean" while tugging at the Aquaman shirt he's wearing. The young sidekick is going the extra mile to assure that Billy knows just how cool Arthur Curry can actually be.

Easily the best part of these Shazam! teasers and trailers is seeing the instant chemistry between Zachary Levi and his young co-stars. Earlier this week, the actor took to Instagram to praise his on-screen counterparts.

"So proud of these young men," Levi wrote in the post. "Not only are they ridiculously talented stars in the making, they're also intelligent, humble, and kind. They are surrounded by family that has done a great job of protecting their hearts and minds from the pitfalls of this business, while encouraging their natural talent to keep growing."

Are you looking forward to Shazam!? What do you think of this new international trailer? Let us know in the comments!

Shazam! hits theaters on April 5th.



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