Doom Patrol: Mr. Nobody Gets an Origin Story in "Penultimate Patrol" Promo

There are only two episodes left the first season of DC Universe's Doom Patrol and now that Flex Mentallo has his memories back and each of the heroes have had their own personal revelations about trauma, it's time to start lining up for the ultimate battle with Mr. Nobody. However, it looks like before they get to that, fans will not only get to see Danny the Street return, but it will be Mr. Nobody's turn at an origin story.

DC Universe has released a preview for next week's episode, the aptly named "Penultimate Patrol". As you can see in the promo (located in the video above) the whole team will get to experience Danny the Street, but it doesn't look like it's the best experience and Flex Mentallo, is still grappling with not only the restoration of his memories after decades of captivity with the Bureau of Normalcy, but the loss of his wife, Dolores, as well.

The episode appears to also be tackling the story of how Mr. Nobody -- real name Eric Morden -- became Mr. Nobody. While fans of the series have already seen how the villain figure got his powers early in the series, we've yet to see what led him to that moment and what inspired him to go to a Nazi doctor in order to be transformed. In the promo, however, it appears that the impetus for that dramatic life change is a failed relationship with the woman telling him he is and will always be "nobody".

It's very fitting that, as the show moves towards its season finale, we dig into Mr. Nobody's past. A large component of the series has been each of the heroes having to face their trauma in some way. Each of the Doom Patrol heroes has a difficult history, coming by their powers through traumatic injuries or events. Dealing with the mental health of the characters is something that the show has faced head-on and it's something that Diane Guerrero, who plays Crazy Jane, has previously said she appreciates about the show.

"But I think that we're looking to sort of like enter a world like this that makes us think a little bit," Guerrero told "I love the characters because everyone is sort of grappling with a deep rooted issue that has nothing to do with one another and has nothing to do with their present status, it has to do with something they haven't dealt with that has occurred to them in their past and I like dissecting the human brain, I think that's the most challenging and I think that mental health is something we don't talk enough about anywhere around the world, and in this country and I think that the show is just a big therapy session for all the characters and so the mind is beautiful, the mind is scary, I love that we get to dissect it on the show."

Doom Patrol is now streaming on DC Universe. "Penultimate Patrol" debuts Friday, May 17.



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