Supergirl: Jon Cryer Says Lex Luthor's Plan is More Evil Than Even He Thought

Lex Luthor's evil plan is finally playing out on Supergirl, with the villain's machinations having positioned him as an American hero for having "single-handedly" saved the United States from a threat that he himself created. However, with the season finale coming on Sunday, fans are going to see much more of Lex's plans, and it sounds like whatever the full scope of those plans, they were far more evil than even the actor playing Lex knew.

In a recent appearance on The Talk, Jon Cryer revealed that he wasn't aware of the full extent of Lex's wicked plans and when he did finally find out what Lex was really up to, it was more evil than he ever would have guessed.

"Sunday is the big season finale of Supergirl and the crazy thing was the writers don't tell me everything because they keep a lot of stuff secret and I found out my evil plan is even more evil than I thought!" Cryer said. "Even Lex Luthor was surprised at how evil it is!"

For fans who have been keeping up with The CW series, the idea that Lex's master plan is even more evil will certainly have them curious as to what comes next. Since the villain's arrival earlier in the season his plan has been, very generally, to destroy the Kryptonians (meaning Supergirl and Superman) and make humanity revere him as being superior. Cryer's comment, however, definitely seems to hint that there will be some big surprises in the upcoming Supergirl Season 4 finale.

And it could be that one of those surprises involves Supergirl's non-heroic identity in the episode "The House of L" it was made very clear that Lex knows exactly who Supergirl: Kara Danvers. With Lex knowing that Kara Danvers is Supergirl, that means he also knows that Kara is Lena's best friend and that his sister is very much in the dark about that bit of information. With Lex's drive to destroy Supergirl and his history of not caring how much he hurts Lena to pursue his own goals, it is starting to look an awful lot like Lex will be the one to reveal Kara's secret.


If Lex does end up revealing the truth about Supergirl to Lena, it could have devastating impact. Kara herself attempted to reveal the truth to Lena but stopped as it became clear that the revelation would be extremely damaging to Lena after all of the lies and manipulations she's endured thanks to Lex. It's the kind of damage that would definitely fall under the label of "evil" and could even set up a major conflict for Supergirl next season.

Supergirl airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW. The Season 4 finale, "The Quest For Peace" debuts May 19.